Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Still here

I have been absolutely inundated with a whole request to keep this blog going, so here are a few random pictures from the last few months to prove we are still alive.

The Wiener Dog Races in Buda are known worldwide, amongst dachshund owners, anyway. The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile shows up, of course:

Here are some racing dogs:

Their owners are just out of shot on the right, beckoning and enticing their dogs to come to them.

Here's a bedraggled little mouse right outside Borders bookshop in the middle of the mall. I took this and then encouraged him to retreat to the adjacent flowerbed, thinking he might have a better chance of continued existence hidden in the shade.

These succulents are in the next subdivision to us. They stand about 15 feet tall and are very impressive.

The South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival is held in March. Couldn't resist taking this shot!

This is a Skink that we found in the middle of our living room. The paper is about 5 inches wide. We have seen skinks outside at the bottom of the house walls, I guess this one got lost.

The roadside verges get covered in flowers during a Texas spring. It's really lovely to see so much colour popping up everywhere. These pink flowers are pretty numerous.

A small bird has decided to make her nest right next to one of the roads in our subdivision. She has been there for a good three weeks or more now. I think she is a Killdeer, named for the call they make.

I went to Austin Zoo and as well as the animals you pay to see, there are hundreds of lizards running about too. All different kinds.

They have put pedestrian islands into the centre lane on South Lamar, which means one can now stand right in the middle and get this shot of Austin with slightly less fear of being squished. Which is nice. I always wanted this shot but was too chicken before...

These are the doors to Matt's El Rancho Mexican restaurant, further down South Lamar. It's really good.

Finally, we have a truck that showed up at the shooting club recently. Alan took one look and asked if there was a big market for chastity belts...

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