Saturday, July 03, 2010

Video Round-up

It's been a while since I updated this blog, I know, but I haven't been completely idle.

If you keep an eye on my Youtube channel, you may have noticed an increase in video output over the last few months. And if you missed it, grab yourself a cup of tea and read on!

In May, Kingsbury Aerodrome hosted their Spring Air Fair. It was blowing pretty gusty winds through most of the morning which kept a few visitors away, but it was possible to start the older aircraft. Later on, more aeroplanes showed up, and the Canuck flew.

I went flying with my good friend Jim. We took an evening flight, during which I spent most of it trying out his new camera. Towards the end, we made a few circuits of Taylor, one of which I captured on my own camera here. Flying in the dusk with all the lights coming on was magic; so pretty.

The following week, my other friend Charlie invited me to fly with him on local area mission, to photograph a bunch of horse trailers and activity at an event his wife was attending. We stopped in at San Marcos to fuel up, before returning to Austin.

In June, I had the good fortune to fly with Mike to Plainview, Texas, to a round of the Sport Air Racing League's race calendar. I took plenty of video and stills of the race itself - to be seen later! - but afterwards, we went flying down a canyon. If you don't watch any other video here, check out at least the first couple of minutes of this one. This was awesome!

Finally (for now), I was able to get to Austin Bergstrom to meet Michael Combs, who is in the middle of a grand tour of all fifty US States. Here's a short interview with him, descriving his flight and his mission.

Watch this space for more... I am heading to California next week, and the delights of Oshkosh await me at the end of the month. I'm sure I'll find a few things to show from there!