Monday, November 24, 2008


American trains are big, huge things that mostly carry cargo. Being from a land in which the majority of trains have between one and three cars and which carry passengers, these American behemoths are a sight to behold. I have counted at least one with 103 segments (what do you call a cargo carriage anyway?). Some have four or five engines. If you're watching a train and wave at it, the drivers often wave back, or honk their very loud horns :-) Try that with British Rail...

I just got caught at a level crossing, so I whipped out my phone and snagged the train for y'all. This one is a tiddler, only two engines and 91 carriages.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Last night a friend, Jim, took me flying! It was my first time aloft in ages, since Oshkosh in fact. (Flying buses don't count, it's gotta be small and interesting)

He roped in a friend to fly with us, so I got to do some air-to-air photgraphy. My favourite :-)