Monday, September 04, 2006

Picture time

We thoroughly enjoyed the concert last night. It was the Austin Symphony, conducted by Peter Bay, featuring Joshua Bell on violin. He is a virtuoso who has played virtually since he was born; he has been on the world scene for 20 years and is now only in his early 30s. You could say he was a bit good. The programme was the following:
Schuman American Festival Overture
Beethoven Violin Concerto in D, Op. 61
Brahms Symphony No. 2 in D, Op. 73
The Austin Symphony are doing a Beethoven season this year. We may well go and hear some more.

Today we went to look at motor vehicles. There's a shiny one north of here with my name on. That's all I'm saying until it gets a bit closer to becoming reality. Mwahaha! ;-)

We went to the cinema this evening. There's a new Mike Judge film out, 'Idiocracy'. It was very good; very funny.

Time for some photos. These are of varied quality as they're taken with my new cellphone, which is much better outside during the bright daylight than inside or in artifical light.

The apartment block
Here is the end of our apartment block, with the lake in front of it. The main road, Guadalupe, is behind from this angle.

Living room
Our living room. You can see the kitchen on the left, Alan on the right and our new rug in the foreground. The lake is outside the window. Furniture is mid-Atlantic.

Kitchen 1
A view of our kitchen showing the sink and dishwasher.

Kitchen 2
The cooker, fridge and microwave.

Here's the guest bathroom. The master is the same but with two sinks.

OK, that's your lot for tonight. We have to start work tomorrow. That's going to be a shock!

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