Monday, March 12, 2007

A few flowers. And a bird.

Here's a few flowers that are blooming at the moment (descriptions have been researched and I think they're correct but I reserve the right to be spectacularly wrong):

This is a redbud, of which there are plenty about. They are a beautiful bright pink, very reminiscent of cherry blossom in the UK which would be starting in about April time and is always a herald of Spring.

There's a house along 43rd street with this yellow trumper-shaped flower draped all over the fence. Although there is a 'yellow trumpet flower', that one has spiky-edged leaves, and I think this is a Yellow Jessamine as it has smooth leaves:

These blue flowers have been opening over the last week or two, on small trees found locally. They smell fantastic, very sweet and aromatic as you walk past. I believe it is a Mountain Laurel.

Finally, I spotted this bird hanging around in a tree. I think it is an American Robin. It's about 6-8" long, bigger than a UK robin but with similar colouring. This isn't a great picture but you get the idea.

I'm sure there will be more of this to follow... it's getting into Wildflower season :-)

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Gary waver of arms said...

Sorry but I prefer our Robins...

Nice to know you are settling down and there is plenty for you to photograph.