Thursday, April 26, 2007

Whole lotta movin' going on

Well, it's almost time for us to be moving out of our apartment (although we're not really, just yet, we'll be using up our lease as a highly expensive crash pad for beery weekends ;-)

I cleared out our storage room on Wednesday. This is in another building so we figured that it would be easier to just get a U-Haul truck and fill it up with the boxes that have never been unpacked since we arrived in the US. This task fell to me, so off I trotted to U-Haul (conveniently just up the road) to get a truck :-) I filled it with boxes and drove it to the new house. This might not be very impressive but this is the biggest vehicle I've yet driven! It was fun. I unpacked it and took it back. This little exercise took almost six hours so it kept me busy for most of the day.

U-Haul trucks are cool because each one has a different design on the side. As you can see, this one has a giant green dinosaur on it, illustrating the Dinosaur National Monument in Utah. Each design represents some place in America, and there's quite a few, so U-Haul trucks are a constant source of intrigue as to what one might see next!

Today I went to the house again to meet with the cable installer chap, who was bringing us nice things like internet, TV and phone. We also took delivery of a washer, dryer and fridge, to replace those we left behind in the UK.

While I was waiting there, two deer wandered into the garden. Birds singing, blue skies, this is why we came back :-)

Alan wants to buy a barbeque grill at the weekend. I wonder if it is co-incidence that he just looked at this picture and said "Bambi-burger!"

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