Friday, December 07, 2007

Gardening part 3

Well, the guys have done their thing and we now have a shiny new bit of landscaping.

I really like what they have done. It has masses of potential to grow, and time will see it getting bigger and each plant will fill in the spaces that exist now.

Here's an overlook to compare with the previous two (clicky):

Here's some various angles on the area.
This is the riverbed/stream area. The first time we get a heavy rain, this will sort itself out, the rain should wash through here and start making it look more natural.

The grasses in this area are Big Muhly and Weeping Muhly; they will grow relatively tall. There's some Lindheimer's Nolina mixed in here too.

Below is the gravel patio. This looks very new right now but as we use it, will blend into the landscape. You can just see anti-deer netting around the Possumhaw Holly (with red berries on) and stakes either side of the other new tree, the Mexican Buckeye, which will turn bright pink in the spring.

It is also surrounded with Texas Sotol, a small spiny leaved thing which has tall flowers when it blooms.

This is a Sago Palm, in front of the riverbed.

Here's a Texas Lantana. I like these, they are bright yellow and orange and attract loads of butterflies. We have a couple of these; they will bush out nicely. Behind it is a spineless Prickly Pear cactus and behind that is the Mexican Buckeye.

There's also some Twisted-leaf Yucca plants around, and one Texas Kidney Wood which apparently has very lovely scented white flowers.

So, watch this space... I'll certainly be doing so. Waiting for the spring and summer, to see how this progresses!

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