Monday, August 25, 2008

Wahey, it's creature time!

It's way past due for another creature round-up, so here's a few recent sightings.

First up, a black-and-yellow Agiope. Now, we last saw one of these a few months ago, sitting in it's web outside our bedroom window. Here it is:

Since then, it's been eating lots of pies! Here it is now - at least I assume it's the same spider. It's in exactly the same place although the colouring has changed a bit. My hand is about an inch in front of the web for scale:

See what I mean about those pies?:

Avert your gaze, delicate children, for here are two crickets doing things you shouldn't be seeing:

Finally, here's a little tiny baby Green Anole. He seems to have taken up residence in the bush nearest my outdoor chair; he's been there a couple of days now. He is only about three inches long and is very cute:

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