Friday, April 03, 2009

Diane's Visit - San Antonio and Fredericksburg

For Diane's second week here, we had a couple of quieter days mixed with some days in which we travelled further.

Monday saw us driving down to San Antonio, to go and see the Alamo. It's obligatory, you know, and every visitor will be shown this place, they check your passport on the way out of the country to make sure you have been.

Of course we then dropped down to the Riverwalk and wandered about, before getting some barbeque for lunch in the County Line.

Tuesday saw us in Austin Zoo, which was fun. We went home to cook curry, as Tamzin and Allan were coming round to eat it that night. Tamzin brought an army's worth of samosas which were delicious.

On Wednesday we drove out to Enchanted Rock which is a granite batholith way out in the Hill Country, surrounded by the normal kind of hill with trees on. You can walk up the Rock and get great views. It was very windy up there.

We went into Fredericksburg after that and had lunch in one of the German restaurants there where Diane had what was supposed to be a bowl of chili but was in fact beef stew, there was so little heat in it. It's bizarre that nobody cooks anything even remotely hot around here. I think I am going to start carrying a bottle of tabasco wherever I go. Diane did enjoy it though.

We detoured via Luckenbach on our way to Johnson City. There were many bikers there. Luckenbach's population was a lot more than 3 that afternoon.

On Thursday we wandered around Austin and South First street, after seeing the rescued animals in the Zilker Science and Nature center. Diane took us out for a meal Thursday night, in the Texas Roadhouse, where we all had some variation of steak.

Now I am eating salad; all Diane and I have done for two weeks is eat! Still, I think we have all had a great time, I hope Diane will come again!

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