Monday, June 29, 2009

Things I have been flying in

I have been lucky enough to fly three times in the last two weekends!

Last week was Kingsbury fly-in, which is always an excellent festival of classic and WW1-era vintage aircraft and vehicles. John kindly took me up in this Meyers OTW for a few circuits:

I love flying in the Meyers, it's a great aeroplane. Not so good for taking photos from as there are so many wing wires and struts, but a nice stable yet agile flyer, it is.

Later on, we went up in this Luscombe Silvaire, which has a bit more horsepower and a nice open window. Alan took this one when we taxied in after landing:

We flew to do some air-to-air shots of this visiting Nieuport 28!:

This weekend, the balloon club decided to try and fly on Saturday morning as the winds were looking promisingly light. I was crewing for Rusty again. I was put onto the crown line this time which was cool as I've not done that before. It involves stabilizing the balloon as it inflates, with a long rope from the crown (top) of the balloon. When Rusty called me to run in towards the basket, she told me to get in; woo-hoo! So we enjoyed 30 minutes of glorious sunny morning flying across north-east Austin.

Looking up into Rusty's envelope, with the burner producing flame:

Sunny morning, shortly before landing at the UPS depot out of shot to the right:

When we landed, we found this little chap waiting for us! He was THIS BIG! No, actually he was about eight inches long. Kinda cute as snakes go. One of the other balloons found a five-foot-long viper, however, so we got off lightly!

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