Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flying Across America

On July 10th, Jason Schappert and Vincent Lambercy visited Georgetown on their way home to Florida. They had left there three weeks previously and flown to California, and were now about half way back. Their flight was to promote General Aviation, and celebrate the fact that despite their dissimilar backgrounds, two pilots from different countries could fly together and be part of the same family of aviation.

Their visit co-incided with the Texas Aviation Association's Safety Day, at the new Aero Centex FBO. Vincent and Jason had been invited to speak there, and they related how much more complex and expensive it is to fly in Europe versus the United States. I intended to get this online when it was current, but Life Happened, so here we are a couple of months later. However, their message is more than relevant today, and will be more so in the future. Fight user fees!

To learn more, visit FlyingAcrossAmerica.com
Jason's website: m0a.com
Vincent's website: PlasticPilot.net
Texas Aviation Association: txaa.org

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