Monday, September 20, 2010

Black Star

We own a pub!

Well, actually, we are member-investors in one of Austin's newest brewpubs, Black Star. It is a co-operative, so it is owned by its members who each pay some money into the enterprise. I'm not sure how it works out; whether we own a couple of bricks or a whole brewing vessel, but it's really cool to know you have a bit of your own pub :-)

Last week, the place was fitted out enough that the kitchen and bar could have some trial runs, with the membership invited to be guinea pigs. So along we went. Black Star's own beer won't be brewed for a few weeks yet but they had some very tasty local beers on tap.

They also have a good looking menu, with a variety of tasty snacks and meals, with ingredients largely sourced from local suppliers. Alan had a bowl of chili and I had a chicken pot pie, both of which were delicious.

Black Star opens for business sometime this week. May it be a huge success!

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