Thursday, May 26, 2011

Strange beastie

This vehicle sits outside the Capitol Insurance building on Mopac. I thought it was the front end of a jet plane at first, so went to take a closer look. It turns out to be a car of sorts, although sadly it's in pretty poor shape. The perspex windows are opaque and cracked with age and it's missing a few lights. The dashboard is pretty wrecked too.

I mentioned it to friend Jim, who told me he remembers seeing this thing running around town in the 80's and early 90's.

It would be nice if the owner put this back into good condition. Can anyone put a name to this car? I'd like to know more about it.


Glenn said...

Lady Jo:
That looks like a either a Litestar or a Pulse. They were designed by Jim Bede of (BD5 airplane fame)

Go buy one with all your cover shot royalties!


Marvin said...

Go to 20-25 second mark and look at upper left corner. I thought I remembered seeing some of these in Back to the Future!