Tuesday, June 07, 2011


We went to Galveston a few weeks back for the Air Race, but this post is about the houses and harbour instead.

Galveston has a fabulous historic district. We spent some time looking around the houses, both on a casual walking-to-the-pub basis, and as part of the organised tour that was running the weekend we visited. Too bad you couldn't take photos inside the houses as they were magnificent, but I understand for both privacy and practicality, this was not possible. Anyway, here's a selection of houses.

A resident :-)

We also spent a little time around the waterside, both the evening before the race and during the day.
Below is the tall ship Elissa, which was built in Scotland, and is the namesake of one of Saint Arnold's finest beers:

Galveston is known for building and reparing oil rigs. There are usually one or two in port.

Dawn at the beach in front of our hotel.

One of the air race turn points was on the end of a five mile long spit of land, popular with fishermen. Many large shipping vessels passed by here, and there are lots of pelicans, herons and gulls.

This is a car carrier; it can take over 5,000 cars at a time.

Galveston is very nice. Visit if you can!

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