Monday, July 09, 2012

Thunder Over Cedar Creek

Thunder over Cedar Creek is an airshow up near Corsicana, about 4 hours drive from my house. I believe it is the only one in Texas held over a lake.

I met Jim, Glenn and Nadya up there, and cutting a long story short, we scored the most fabulous vantage point for the show, on a private two-story boat dock overlooking the lake. We were right on the display line, just outside the aerobatic box. One heck of a great view!

Pictures from the show are still to come, but I had to share these. I took time lapse video of the final two performers of the night, flying aerobatics with lights and pyrotechnics.

Here is Matt Younkin flying his Beech 18:

This one is Otto the Helicopter (a Schweizer 300) flown by Roger Buis:

And finally, here is the time lapse video showing both aircraft:

We all thoroughly enjoyed this show and hope to return next year!

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