Friday, August 11, 2006

Jo finished work

I finished in the office today. It was kind of wierd; it felt like a normal day. I even went in early to make sure I got a bunch of stuff finished that I needed to do.

We all went out at lunchtime to a local village pub by the river Stour, called the Henny Swan, which was lovely. We enjoyed a fine lunch (steak, lemon sole, salmon, cheesecake, chocolate brownies etc - yum!)

My workmates were very generous and gave me a shiny new watch as a leaving present, along with some champagne and flowers. So nice :-) The watch is a cool surfers one which will find its home very well in Austin.

Now I have a couple of weeks off work to sort things out before we move. We are due to exhibit at a big aviation event next week so my work in the UK isn't done quite yet. Camping on airfields is always good though ;-)

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