Saturday, August 26, 2006

We have moved out

Well, it's the first time in over a week that I have had a few minutes to spare, a computer and an internet connection all at the same time.

Last week was hectic. Thursday and Friday, I was in Kemble with some chaps from work, setting up our company's stand at the PFA Rally. Throw in a burst trailer tyre, a burst radiator, a tent, rain, friendly pilots in the bar and plenty of aeroplanes and it makes for a busy 24 hours. I managed to get half an hour to get some aircraft photos but the rest of the time was spent on the stand. It was good fun but tiring.

I got back too late on Friday to join Alan and his folks for dinner, but they had a nice evening. We spent Saturday with them and Tracy and Paul in Ipswich. A walk along the harbour front and an afternoon's bowling, with Chinese for tea. Very pleasant.

Sunday saw me at Rougham for the airshow. Our friend Terry came along too. The show was very cool; lots of excellent aircraft. Some heavy showers caused great lighting conditions - bright sunlight on the aircraft, rendering them colourful against dark clouds behind. Then it was back to the Mason's for a curry evening. Yum :-)

We spent Monday trying to get things sorted in the house. Trying to bin stuff we didn't need, sort through clothes, take things to charity shops etc. How come it's so hard to give things away? You can't give electrical things away for love nor money. There's no point in us taking a lot of electrical items as they won't work in the US.

Tuesday and Wednesday saw the packers arrive; Nick and Andy, who did a sterling job packing up everything we own into boxes and bubble wrap. If it wasn't nailed down and you weren't quick enough, it got packed!

A big pile of boxes
Here's Nick with just one pile of our stuff. There was more in the front room and more upstairs.

On Thursday, a truck arrived at 09:00 with a 20-foot container on the back. Andy and Nick spent the morning loading the container. We were a little worried it wouldn't all fit in, but it did, with room to spare. So now everything we own is headed for Felixstowe, to be put onto a boat and sent across the water to Houston. We will see it again in six to eight weeks' time.

A container truck
The container truck pulls away with our things on board.

We spent the rest of Thursday cleaning the house and taking junk to the tip. Five trips, that took. In the peeing rain. We were so tired at the end of the day. We were left with our suitcases, which we took round to Paul and Sarah's house; friends who are kind enough to let us stay for a few days until we go to Gatwick on Tuesday. We had a few beers that night, some with John in the bar. They were very welcome!

Friday morning, we made one last trip to the house to check it over before the new people took it over. We left the keys inside and closed the door behind us. Bye, house. it's been a great few years.

Later, my parents arrived for a visit. They stayed in the Cannon Brewery. We spent the day moseying about town. We had to do various things like collect our cheque from the solicitors and put it in the bank. We had dinner in the Turkish place, Nazar; always good.

So now it is Saturday, my folks have gone home and we are trying to gear ourselves up for a party we are holding this evening. It's a joint bash with Kate and Mel for their's and Alan's birthdays, at the Rugby Club. We are pretty tired already but I'm sure it will be fine once we get there. We are looking forward to having a couple of days after this to recover before heading off again.

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