Friday, February 16, 2007

Photo time

I've been making myself reminders of more comparisons to make but you might have to wait for those. Meanwhile, here are some photos.

Although I should mention that last weekend, we attended our first American wedding. The bride is Monica, Alan's fitness instructor from his work. She turns up four times a week to the office gym and puts Alan and some other guys through hell. So she invited the guys to her wedding.

The wedding was held at the Driskill Hotel which is about the poshest place in town, right on 6th and Congress. The proceedings were much as a tradition British wedding would be. However Monica is half Korean, so there were some Korean elements to the ceremony, such as the giving and receiving of a (wooden) wild goose from the groom to the bride's mother, symbolising love and steadfastness as wild geese mate for life.

We enjoyed the wedding reception, although we found it a bit odd that the party stops at 4 in the afternoon. British weddings tend to go on a lot longer. There was also two wedding cakes, one for each of the bride and groom. They were the only real differences to a British wedding though. I did take plenty of pictures, but I don't know Monica well enough (or at all!) to be posting her wedding all over the internet, so tough. All you need to know is that she looked lovely.

Right, here we go.

The car park on the 2nd February:

Sunset on the same day was really nice and covered half the sky. This is a blend of four images, necessary to fit it all in.

The 14th of February and it looks like they have finished the main structure of the car park. I'll get a proper picture later on. The far corner has ended up being recessed which you can't really see here. The big crane is still about but has moved off a bit and men are crawling all over the car park stucture doing various things.

Sunset was nice that day too!

OK, these are from earlier today. Our friends Peggy and Lloyd have mentioned in their blog about the guitar sculptures that are currently taking over downtown. I've seen some of these around and have been meaning to investigate them. So being as it was a glorious day, I went downtown to capture some of them. There's 33 in all and I got 15 of them. I intend to get them all... in due course, in due course...

I couldn't be downtown with my camera and not visit the Capitol Building, which is something I've been meaning to do for months and something always comes up to nix it, or the weather's crap when I have a free day. Ha! Got it today. Will have to go back with a tripod (friendly guard said he's never told anyone off for using one so I should be OK) for more/better interior shots.

The gate:

The building itself, which is 15ft taller than the White House if memory serves. Everything's bigger in Texas!

Inside the main hall, looking up into the dome. This is grainy as hell and I will have to do this properly with the aforementioned tripod but here you go:

Right, Alan's home now and we need beer so I'm signing off.

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