Wednesday, February 07, 2007


We have just come back in from Red's indoor shooting range, to which we were invited by Alan's colleagues Larry and Neil. They have a fine collection of firearms between them and asked us to come and shoot with them.

So, we went along and had the pleasure of firing mainly Ruger and Sig-Sauer pistols, in .22, 9mm and .40 calibers.

Here's a couple of Larry's guns:

Later on, Neil brought in a pair of rifles. One of these is an AR-15, which is the civilian equivalent of an M16 rifle. Here's Alan firing it:

And here's the item in question:

This is a lot easier to shoot than it looks. The recoil is surprisingly light. It's a .223 caliber, so the rounds are not all that big, but the shell cases have a hefty dose of powder which spits the rounds out at very high velocity and creates a HUGE muzzle flash. It's pretty cool.

T'was a good evening. Thanks, Larry and Neil!

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