Monday, January 29, 2007

At last!

News of the day is that my work permit has finally arrived! It takes the form of a credit-card sized item with my mugshot, signature and fingerprint on there, as well as lots of extra shiny holographic overlays. This thing is more secure than our visas or driving licences! Looks like I have to renew it every 18 months or so though. So be it.

A couple of gratuitous sunrise shots for you, since Alan phoned this morning to tell me it looked like a promising one:

And the latest view of the parking lot across the way. They've slowed down a bit recently - not helped by the ice last week, I'm sure. They seem to have built that random bit at the front corner but there's nothing yet to join it to the main structure. Time will tell, I suppose.

Meanwhile, I noticed an alcohol license application on the window of one of the empty units next to the gym this morning, for Flipnotics coffee shop/bar. Perhaps we will get another place to go, soon :-)

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