Monday, January 01, 2007

Random photos to start the year

Happy New Year, y'all!

We have enjoyed a very pleasant holiday season. The weather has been variable, and we have both had colds. Alan is full of the lurgy right now; we came home early from the party we went to as he was feeling so lousy.

Here's some random pictures from the last few days, as I've finally put camera to computer.

Here's the inside of the Draught House pub that we like to frequent. They have about 85 handpumps, each dispensing a tasty beverage.

An Austin firetruck parked outside Rudy's Barbeque the other week. I guess firemen need their breakfast tacos too.

Alan's new car! Yes, it was in the garage so long it's taken me until now to get a picture of it!

One more Christmas lights shot. This is the Hyde Park Bar and Grill, a very fine eating place a few blocks from us.

It absolutely caned it down with rain the other day. Here's the lake outside the window, or what you can see of it. There is a huge drainage runoff that the lake runs into, which is normally either dry or maybe has a trickle of water in there. After this lot, it was completely full, and the footpath around the edge of the lake was totally flooded, about a foot deep.

So here we go, into 2007. May it be filled with goodness for all.

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