Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ice and snow!

It is continuing to be cold and today we have snow!
The weather advisories have told everyone to stay at home today due to the ice storm. Most schools and businesses are closed. There's very little traffic on the roads. The ice storm is the most un-stormy thing I have seen, it is dull and grey outside but very still, not raging at all but very cold.

We went out to get some bread and found the grass and plants on the ground are all encased in ice. The roads and pavements are slippery. It's to freeze hard tonight so by tomorrow it will probably be sheet ice. Alan is working from home today and no doubt will do so again tomorrow.

These are some icicles on the side of the next building.

ice fountain
Around the corner, the fountain outside the Italian shop is still flowing but all iced up too.

Meanwhile, we are running warm machines in the apartment as we have just discovered that the heating system in here is worse than useless... we haven't had occasion to test it before!

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