Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ballooning again

The balloon club decided to grab a flight on Saturday morning as the winds were forecast to be calm and the sky blue.

So lots of people assembled at a school off Braker Lane to fly. Five balloons turned out which they tell me is a bit of a record for a club flight.

I ended up crewing for Rusty, who had me on the inflation fan to begin with, followed by radio and navigation duty in the chase car. I can see that I might have to get some practise in driving vehicles with trailers if I'm going to make a habit of crewing. Lynn drove this time though so all was well.

The balloons flew about 30-40 minutes although it didn't feel that long at all. They found themselves heading directly for Bird's Nest Airport, so landed in that nice friendly space while they could.

Back to the launch site for some tailgating; strawberries and champagne!

Sam's Texas Twist and Dick's Big Boy

Phil's home-made balloon

Rusty's Confetti

Nick and Dick

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Unknown said...

I have always like the idea of ballooning, but the champagne, that could make me consider crewing as well!!! Beautiful photography as always