Friday, February 20, 2009


So yesterday morning I'm standing at the window after breakfast and there's a bunch of deer in the garden, as often happens.

If you stand very still, sometimes they don't notice you. And if you get lucky, they are more intent on chewing grass than looking in the window. So this particular individual was about four feet away from me, just by the house, while I was wielding my camera in her direction.

She has a very sore looking back foot, it looks like all the skin has been scraped off it. She seems to pick it up more than her other feet, it must hurt.

Meanwhile, it was Birdy Breakfast, if you were a sparrow, anyway. Six of them were clustered around Feeder No.1:

We actually bought another feeder, the same as this one. Feeder No.2 is installed a few feet away, under a bushier tree. The cardinals seem to prefer it over there now and the seed level is dropping at one heck of a rate. I guess they like the extra shelter.

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