Monday, February 09, 2009

Office Space

There's a film called 'Office Space' which has been a cult classic since it was released ten years ago. It was made by Mike Judge (who also does 'King of the Hill' and 'Beavis and Butthead') and filmed right here in Austin. I managed to snag two tickets to the 10th Anniversary screening of the film at the Paramount Theater on 7th and Congress.

Sadly, both Alan and I have been full of the lurgy. Mine has mostly gone now but Alan has been knocked for six by it for the last week and he's still not right. So much as he wanted to see the film, he didn't think he would last the night. So I called Tamzin to see if she wanted to go. Which she did.

Here's a blog post which shows some of the actors arriving ( You can also just see me in the last picture of Samir, I'm the one with the bright blue shirt holding my phone aloft which is bright with flash.

Here's a video report from KVUE News. Oh, and it's made the Rolling Stone too!

It was pretty cool; about a dozen of the cast were present for some Q&A after the film. When they arrived, a printer was placed on the pavement and each cast member had a go at it with a baseball bat! (This will only make sense if you have seen the film). We walked in over a 'Jump to Conclusions' mat and went upstairs to take our seats in the stratosphere, it's an old theatre with very steep tiers.

Watching the film with an audience who know and love the film was good, the place was filled with laughter and cheering from start to finish. Great atmosphere. I think Tamzin enjoyed it too.

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Tamzin Jane Cochrane said...

Of course I enjoyed it, it was a great evening. I had no idea about the film, so it was interesting for me to just see it. Jo is right, smashing machines on sidewalks meant nothing to me until I had seen the film, or the mat, or the stapler!! I am now in the know, I have joined that happy band of people.