Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Diane's Visit - Austin

My friend Diane came to visit for two weeks, which is why I haven't been updating this blog much - we have been way too busy showing here about! So here are some photos from her time in Texas.

Here's the view from the Iguana Grill, where we met with Tamzin and her family, and her friend Alison who was also visiting. This shows how low the water level is in Lake Travis right now.

We went to the Bob Bullock State History museum in Austin, to give Diane an introduction to Texas. This mural is on the floor as you walk in.

We did a boat tour at the Aquarena Center. This is the bottom of the lake in San Marcos, where fresh water springs bubble out. Several rare or unique species live here.

We took a look around the Texas State Capitol building in Austin. Being as Diane works in a law-related occupation, we both found it interesting that the Legislature is currently in session, so we had the opportunity to hear them passing a few laws.

Lawmaking appears to be done by computer these days:

Meanwhile, a school choir was singing in the main hall. I've never seen this place so busy.

Here's a view of the Capitol dome from the annex outside.

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