Saturday, March 07, 2009


I had a fortuitous meeting with our new neighbour last weekend. He's the one who has bought the land next door and has been clearing it, preparing to build his house. All the cedar trees he took down have been slowly converted into piles of woodchip mulch by a small army of men with various chewing machines.

So, I asked what he intended to do with all this, and he said I could have as much as I liked! Bonza! Thus I spent last Sunday moving several bin-loads of it to make our front courtyard look nicer, as most of the mulch in it had been washed away.

Here's one side, before; all scraggly and unkempt:

And here's the other side, with new chippings (I took the pics halfway through the process):

I managed to capture enough to also do the flowerbeds just outside the front gate, before the army returned and redistributed all the mulch with diggers, all over the neighbour's land. Thanks, neighbour! Very generous.

Meanwhile, if you sit outside after a hard day's mulch moving, with a nice cold beer, you can be rewarded with a lovely Texas sunset:

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Tamzin Jane Cochrane said...

Now I have got to buy my mulch off the local boy scout group!!! I need neighbours like yours, although I have to say i have great neighbours, can't really complain.Best get on and order the mulch they came around last week!! this rain today will be doing wonders for our gardens.