Monday, March 09, 2009

Ludo at Emo's

We went downtown to get a meal out and go see a band. Haven't been downtown in months, so this was a nice change.

First stop was in the Iron Cactus, where we sat on their open balcony upstairs and had the most monster portion sizes of food. It was nice enough but way too much! Normally we would take it home in a to-go box but you can't really do that when going on somewhere else. Still, it was very pleasant sitting in the evening sun and watching the world while we ate.

Onwards, then, to Emo's where we joined the line and waited for a whlie until the doors opened. There were four bands here tonight; we were here to see the headliners, Ludo. Last summer they played at Batfest and were awesome, so we wanted to see them again.

Sadly, Emo's has just won the Alan-rated "worst sound system in Austin" trophy. Watching the first band we were treated to wooden bass and horrible room distortion. We stuck it out for a while and retreated outside, where the sound was great! So we enjoyed the next two bands from the comfort of some barstools outside....

Ludo finally came on so we went back inside. They were great, of course, if marred by the dodgy sound. They always have fun when they play. Look at the keyboard player on the left, here; that grin didn't leave his face once! So all in all, a good evening; nice to be out.

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