Friday, August 05, 2011

Flying Cars

It's 2011, and where are our flying cars?

At Ardy and Ed's drive-in, of course!

On the Sunday before Oshkosh, a brace of flying cars (or roadable airplanes) descended into the 1950's style diner just south of Wittman Regional Airport. They have waitresses on rollerskates that clip serving trays to your car window and you can eat burgers and drink root beer floats in the comfort of your own vehicle. I guess you get to clean up the mess, too.

The hybrid vehicles arrived by road, with a police escort.

First in was this Aerocar, whose wings and tail are towed behind the car section. They can be left behind at the airport and attached when it's time to fly home.

Next in were three Maverick vehicles. These stow a flexible fabric wing inside the roof. It unfolds to become a giant parafoil and the machine can fly at around 40-50 mph. It is designed for access into remote and difficult terrain.

Here are the cars in front of the drive-in.

And the drive-in itself, on another evening visit. The New Media community paid several visits to this establishment during the week ;-)

One flying car that did not make it down for burgers and floats was the Terrafugia Transition, seen here on the showground. I hope to see this fly soon; perhaps at #OSH12?

Meanwhile, you can see more pictures of the flying cars over on my main website.

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