Monday, August 01, 2011

A shout out to some fine folks

The first time I attended Oshkosh, in 2008, it was about the aeroplanes. I spent the whole week taking pictures of every single one. The place was (and is) a goldmine; so many wonderful aircraft to see, many of them rarities to be seen nowhere else.

However since then, the focus each year has become more and more about the people. I am lucky enough to make a few more friends each time I go, so by now in my fourth year, there's a real cameraderie going on. It's the same for everyone else too, and the crew gets bigger and bigger...

So here's a shout to some friends of mine. I'm sorry I didn't get everyone's picture. You would think with all these cameras lying around, I would do better...

First up, here's Jay (left) and Larry. Larry is the president of the International Society of Aviation Photography, of which Jay and I are members, along with Jon and Pat and Glenn who I also hung out with at the show. Larry is a star, the reasoning for which has a lot to do with those yellow vests we all seem to be wearing.

Here's Richard, another ISAP member. He has organized some great tours in previous years at ISAP gatherings.

This motley crew is (L-R) Geraint, Andrew and Steve. Andrew and Steve are friends from the UK with whom I go way back. It was very nice to meet Geraint, and great to share some of the fabled UK banter once again...

This is Michelle and Michael Combs. I met Michael in Austin last year, as he was flying around all 50 US states in his Remos aircraft. Always good to catch up with them.

Here's the only sighting I had of the other Andrew (right) all week. This Andrew inhabits the Mustang Air to Air thread along with Jon, Pat, Glenn, Jay and myself, and he is currently working with EAA who obviously kept him busy all week.

This is Ron (@Captain_Ron) aboard the Dreamliner. You're going to see Ron again in a blog post soon.

Here's Mike (@Mike_Miley) who is half of MyTransponder along with Rod Rakic (@RodRakic). Mike is a star; he brought an RV (@HomeSweetRoad) and opened it up to the whole New Media/Podcasting gang, for us all to relax, get coffee, stay dry and charge batteries all week.

These two are David (@DaveFlys)and Damon (@PilotDamon), two more podcasters; also enjoying the 787.

I also need to give a shout out to Martt (@Airpigz) for finding such an awesome campsite and being willing to share it, not to mention cooking us all BACON.

Marty (@pilot2b) is a star for carting me around in his car with camping gear, beer, food etc. Seen here sporting a MyTransponder t-shirt at Podapalooza.

Steve (@StephenForce) deserves a shout for bringing the Jeremiah Weed and keeping the challenge coin industry in business. He is on the right of this picture, with Max Trescott in the middle and Rod Rakic on the left.

The Australians from Plane Crazy Down Under (@PCDU) who brought inflatable kangaroos and plenty of fun to the proceedings.

Larry (@LarryOverstreet), John (@PilotConway), Rose (@WisLadyPilot), Julie (@juliewillfly), Rob (@JetWhine) and David (@DMVanderhoof) - did I miss anyone? - all get shouts for being Fine Folks.

And last but by no means least, it was great to meet Benet Wilson (@avweekbenet) and reconnect with Max Trescott (@maxtrescott), who were both kind enough to promote what I was doing to their own audiences, as well as also being splendid individuals.

My hearty thanks to all these fine people, and anyone I forgot, for making my #OSH11 truly awesome. It quite literally wouldn't be the same without you guys. Bring on #OSH12!

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