Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cessna 172 Video

In which Glenn takes me in his C172 from Georgetown to Kittie Hill and back. We examine what's left of Georgetown Lake after the long hot summer, and get a bit of rough grass strip practise. It's fun to come in low over the trees; a bit gusty as the wind shifts around them.

Also present was the visiting B-17 'Aluminum Overcast', which makes a few cameo appearances.

Things I learnt in making this video:

  • GoPro camera mounts really do stick very well to Cessna wing struts, even at full-on Cessna cruise speeds.
  • Colour balancing two different cameras, with two different colour profiles, when one is outside and the other is behind a blue-tinted windshield, is a Bitch. My efforts here are not perfect, but at least it's no longer blue.
  • If you're going to put tape around a camera, make sure the end is not facing against the slipstream.
  • When the tape comes off, it makes an unholy racket in your audio track. Yes folks, that's why the engine noise fades to music in part of this film...
  • Kittie Hill's runway is full of holes; at the time we visited, anyway. I hope for their sake that it has softened up with the recent rain.

Anyway, here you go, enjoy a sunny November day's flying...

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