Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Rocket 100 Air Race

Although it's been a few months now since the end of the 2011 Sport Air Racing League season, I have put these videos together from the day.

The final race is always good, since a lot of folks show up for it. Despite the grey and blustery weather conditions, everyone flew well and had a good time.

First up, here's some of the racers explaining why they enjoy participating in SARL:

Here's the race course for the Rocket 100:

For a bit of fun, I put a GoPro camera into AnnElise's Cessna 182, set to take timelapse pictures at 1 second intervals as she went round the racecourse. You see her lining up for takeoff at Taylor, flying around and returning to base, all in a minute and 30 seconds.

Now, we look forward to the 2012 SARL season... If you want to remember the race dates, may I suggest this useful SARL 2012 Calendar for your wall? ;-)

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